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Science Fiction & Fantasy Editor and Author Steve Saffel

Steve Saffel is a Senior Acquisitions Editor at Titan Books, the world’s premiere popular culture publisher, acquiring original science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime fiction, art books, and media tie-ins such as Alien, Planet of the Apes, Batman, Mass Effect, and more. Some of his recent projects include Robin Hood: Mark of the Black Arrow, a Cthulhu vs. Sherlock Holmes trilogy, Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and fiction for Dishonored. Before joining Titan, Saffel was the Editorial Director of Media Projects for Del Rey. In addition to his work there on Star Wars, Saffel also contributed to the Harry Turtledove alternate histories, David Gemmell fantasies, H.P. Lovecraft horror tales, Robotech, Tarzan, and Mars Attacks! He entered publishing via Marvel Comics and then moved to Del Rey Books where he edited science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and nonfiction. Saffel is also an author, having written the definitive book Spider-Man The Icon: The Life and Times of a Pop Culture Phenomenon.

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Editorial Director of Sourcebooks Casablanca Deb Werksman

Deb Werksman is the Editorial Director of Sourcebooks Casablanca. She previously ran her own publishing company. Werksman is the country's foremost editor of Jane Austen sequels, and acquires single title romance in all subgenres, as well as historical and women's fiction. Sourcebooks is the country's largest woman-owned independent publishing house, and they are known for their sales and marketing, as well as our focus on building authors' careers.

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