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L.A. Times Book Prize Honor Recipient & Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Logan J. Hunder

Logan J. Hunder is a Canadian author from Victoria, British Columbia. After graduating college with a degree in Criminal Justice, he directed his writing abilities towards novels where his insistence to crack jokes would be less frowned upon. His debut novel, Witches Be Crazy, has received praise at the Los Angeles International Book Festival. Hi latest book is Astro-Nuts, in which Mars and Earth are like a divorced couple that don't like each other but have adjusted—somewhere in between, a diplomat sits aboard the HMSS Milk, swipes a vial of weird, incredibly dangerous, consumptive goo known as "Space Jam"—while the SS Greased Lightning ship notices the derelict vessel drifting through space, and despite not picking up any mayday calls, the captain insists on checking it out anyway…unbeknownst to the crew, the only way to guarantee safety over the goo is to destroy it. In addition to penning novels, Hunder is also a proudly serving member of the Canadian Navy.

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Simpsons Artist & Slothilda Author Dante Fabiero

Dante Fabiero is a Los Angeles native who has made a career working on some of TV's most popular animated shows, such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, King of The Hill, American Dad, Disenchantment and Cosmos, seen on Netflix, TBS, and Fox. Fabiero launched Slothilda in 2014 and has garnered close to half a billion views on the website Giphy. You can see Slothilda come to life and subscribe to receive future comics for free at

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